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Advanced Settings

This section of Elegance Framework settings allows you to reduce size of loaded template files.

advanced settings

Using these cache settings will speed up your website and should be used when you are finished developing the website.

Compress CSS

In order to reduce the number of requests from a browser to the server to render a page, and to take advantage of browser caching, this tag also does some advanced processing of the stylesheets. It generates uniquely named css file which are then returned to the browser, and allowed to cache on the browser.

Note: The Custom CSS field is not compressed when you're using this option. It will help you to keep control over smaller changes.

Compress JavaScript

Also optimize JavaScript is to improve your site performance by compressing JS files into one.

When the optimization option is enabled, the optimized JS file package will be auto generated when a page is viewed in the first time. After enabling this option please check the entire website. In some cases it may generate conflicts between this compress option and some third-party extensions.

Exclude JavaScript files to be optimized

You may want to exclude some JavaScript files and folders from compression by using this option. To exclude JS files that you don't want to optimize, just add the file name, if you have many files, please separate them with comma. 


Compile LESS to CSS option - Elegance is developed with LESS system built-in. When customizing your site, we suggest you to work with LESS files. All your changes in the LESS files will be compiled into the final CSS files. It will override previus changes

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