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Basic Settings

Elegance has lots of built in settings and customizations that make it easy for you to easilt get the look and feel you want.


IElegance Framework has a sticky header feature for your main menu bar that will allow it to always be at the top of the screen, automatically following when you scroll. This makes it much easier for your viewers to quickly navigate through your site.





Easily upload your own favicon imafe in any of the following file formats: ico, gif or png to replace default Joomla favicon. A favicon is typically a graphic 16 x 16 pixels square



Boxed Layout

You can use Elegance in wide (default) or boxed (narrow) layout variants.

Wide layout (if No) is perfect for you, if you like airy websites, with no visible borders or page edges. A boxed layout (if Yes) is a fixed narrow layout where the boundary of the main body is clearly defined and you can choose to have the background be a custom image.




The Logo feature controls the output of the template's main logo.

  • Logo Type - you can set the logo type as image or text type.
  • Logo position - logo can be placed on any of the template's available module positions.  Not just on the default "logo" position.
  • Image - if you chosen Image logo type, you can upload & use your own logo image (PNG, animated GIF or JPG).
  • Retina Logo - upload & use a double size version of your original logo dimension to keep look great of higher resolution devices like retina or 5k display. It will work on any retina device but only Safari and Chrome browsers support retina images.
  • Mobile logo - use separate logo for mobile devices only, in most cases use smaller version of the deafult logo, which will be suitable for small displays screens in smartphones. Leave it empty if you do not want to show different logo for mobile devices.

Body Background Image

If you chose to have a Boxed Layout, you can set a background image for without editing or adding any custom CSS code.

  • Select Image - select image (JPG, PNG, GIF) which will be used as the background. To remove a background image, simply delete the URL from the settings field.
  • Background Repeat - sets how a background image will be repeated. By default, a background-image is no repeated, and the image is placed at the top left corner. Available options:  No Repeat, Repeat All, Repeat Horizontally, Repeat Vertically, Inherit from default settings. These values allow you to tile images across either axis of an element (or both axes) but don’t allow for any finer control than that.
  • Background Size - sets the size of the background image. Default value is cover - is means scale the background image to be as large as possible so that the background area is completely covered by the background image. The contain keyword sets the image should to scale (proportionately) as large as possible, without exceeding either the height or width of the containing element. Available options are: Cover, Contain or Inherit from default settings. 
  • Background Attachment - sets whether a background image attachment is fixed or scrolls. Available options: Fixed, Scroll or Inherit from default settings.
  • Background Position - sets the starting/initial position of a background image.

Scrollbar Settings

One very unique feature of the Elegance Framework is tht you can control the look of your browser scrollbar.

  • Scrollbar Settings - Show/Hide -This will enable or disable this feature.
  • Select Scrollbar Track Color - set a custom color for the scrollbar
  • Select Scrollbar Cursor Color - set a custom cursor color for the scrollbar
  • Enter Scrollbar Width - you can enter a value here to adjust the cursor width. For example a value of 10 would make the cursor width 10 pixels wide.

Scroll To Top Setting

Elegance has a built in feature that allows you to automatically scroll to the top of the website whenever you scroll below the fold.

  • Scroll To Top Setting - This will enable or disable this feature.
  • Scroll To Top Arrow Color - Change the color of the arrow.
  • Select Scroll To Top Border Color - Change the border color of the button.
  • Select Scroll To Top Background Color - Select a custom color of the button.
  • Scroll To Top Position - Adjust the position of the button to acommodate other elements on the page.
  • Scroll To Top Speed - Adjust the speed of the scrolling.

Login/Register Settings

Elegance includes easy to publish login and register links with icons.

  •  Login/Register Settings - enable or disable this feature
  • Module Position - select the module position you want these links to appear.
  • Login Text - customize your login text
  • Register Text - customize your register text


Elegance allows you to set a custom footer for your website without needing to create a separate Joomla module.

HTML is allowed to be used in the copright notice field for hyperlinks.


Social Icons

Elegance includes 11 built in social network icons and links that can be applied to any module position. We have included popular social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, Dribbble, Behance, YouTube, Flickr, VK (VKontakte) and Skype communicator.


You can easily disable/enable this feature and choose which social icons must be shown. Just leave the fields blank in order to hide an icon from the front end.

Contact Information

Instead using a Custom HTML module you can use this feature to show small contact info in top right corner, which includes a phone number and an e-mail address.

Phone icon and e-mail icon are added automatically and they are based on Font Awesome. By default this object is using a "top2" module position.

Coming Soon

Use this setting when your site is not yet live .


Use this setting if you need a quick coming soon page before you start actively developing the website.


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