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How to create a new row and module positions

Adding a new row with custom module positions is really easy with the Elegance Framework.

In this example we will add a new row with a single module position for showing announcements on the website.

Step 1

Using your FTP client open the templateDetails.xml file located at the following path.


Find the section where the module positions are located and add the following module position to this file.


Save the file.

Step 2

Open the template settings and go to the layout manager.

Step 3

Create a new row where you would like the announcements to show. Edit the row settings by clicking the settings button for the row you just created.

add new row

Step 4

In the "Section Title" field enter a name for your new row. Customize the row with any other preferences you want and click the Save button at the bottom of the modal window.

section title


Step 5

By default, the new row will have a single module position automatically created, however it is not assigned to a position. Click on the module settings icon to edit this new module position.

edit module position


 Step 6

Select the "Announcements" module position in the dropdown list and adjust any other settings you prefer and click save at the bottom.

position selection

Step 7

Click the Save button at the top of the layout manager to apply and save your changes.

save to apply changes

ALL DONE! It really is that simple. Now you can start using your new module position on your website.


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