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Layout Manager Settings

The Layout Manager allows a flexible layout based on module positions. The Layout Builder is a powerful feature of Elegance that allows you to customize the existing template without having any programming knowledge. The layout builder uses 6 columns. Each row can have one column or up to a total of 6 module positions and there are custom settings for the layout widths.

layout manager

The following image explains what each setting option is for.

row and column options

Each layout that you create can be saved and used later in another copy of the template.

Column Settings

  • Make Component Area - Enable this option to make this module position set as a Component area. If another module position is selected as the component area then unselect that one first then select this one. Joomla messages and alerts will be loaded inside this column.
  • Module Position - Select any suitable module position from the list. Each module position must have a unique name and you cannot set multiple positions to the same name or the layout will break.
  • Hide on Mobile/Tablet/Desktop - Allows you to choose the device that this module position should be displayed on. For example some module position can be displayed only on deskop/laptops but not on smartphones or tablets.
  • Custom CSS Class - If you wish to style a particular content item differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your css file.

Note! Do not forget to save the column settings in the popup window - save button is at the bottom, then save the general template in order to have your changes saved.

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