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Menu Settings

The Mega Menu is an easy to use menu tool for creating menus for your site. You can also use modules inside the Mega Menu.  In the template settings you have access to 4 options, more advanced settings are available in each menu item's options.

menu options

Select Menu

It allows you to choose the main menu to be used in your template.

Note: If you're planning to build multilingual site in Joomla 3 - you have to create a clone of the current template for each addcional language and choose here a Main Menu for each of language.

Menu Type

There are two types of menus enabled by defaultmenus: Mega Menu and Off Canvas Menu. You can use both or only of of them.

mega menu off canvas


The Off Canvas menu is a menu module. So for example you will need to create a menu module for the main menu and assign it to the "Off Canvas" module position.

off canvas menu

What is more important in this sidebar menu you can also publish not only menu modules but also for example Search module as in the example above.

Dropdown Width

Dropdown Menu Width value would be to set it to the width of your submenu size content area. By default 240px.

Dropdown Animation

Mega Menu includes four transition options for your dropdown submenus:

  • Fade (default)
  • Zoom
  • Fade in Up
  • No Animation

This is the transition that occurs when the submenu is opened. To have the submenu appear with no transition, set this to None (No Animation).

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