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Setting up the Off Canvas (Mobile) menu

In order for the Off Canvas mobile menu to work it needs to have a menu assigned to it. You can also assign multiple modules to the Off Canvas position that you might find handy such as the search module.

Here are the steps for setting up the menu module for the Off Canvas menu.

  1. In the template settings go to the Menu tab and select your preferred menu type. The mobile menu will appear on mobile views no matter what setting you have chosen. If you select "Mega Menu & Off Canvas" then in this case the mobile hamburgur menu will also be shown in desktop views along with the standard main menu.
  2. Next go to the module manager and create a new module of the type "MENU".

  3. In the module settings please choose the following settings
    1. Select the Main Menu for the menu to be used.
    2. Set Menu module to the "offcanvas" module position.
    3. Set the show submenu items to "Yes".
    4. Assign the menu module to all pages.
    5. Select "Published" as the status.
    6. Save and close the new module.
  4. Refresh your website on the front end and narrow your browser so the mobile hamburger menu appears and test it to make sure your off canvas menu appears and looks how you want it to be.



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