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TC Responsive Layer Slider

 TC responsive layer slider header

TC Responsive Layer Slider is a responsive, touch-enabled Joomla module to create animated layered slideshows with smooth transitions.

Quick Info:

  • Product Type: Commercial
  • Price:$ 15
  • Version #: 1.0.1
  • Compatibility:
  • Type:

The TC Responsive Layer Slider module for Joomla is fully responsive for all major devices and offers an intuitive and clean admin interface with 50+ configuration options and 5 built in themes to get you up and running fast with a professional layered slideshow that can include headings, text, images, and videos.

Display your content from your Joomla and K2 articles or display slide images from an image folder or upload images on the fly.

Main features:

  • modular architecture
  • responsive
  • touch-swipe
  • CSS3 transitions
  • animated layers (and static)
  • infinite scrolling
  • carousel layout
  • full width and full window support
  • thumbnails
  • deep linking
  • lazy loading
  • retina-enabled
  • fade effect
  • full-screen support
  • CSS-only navigation controls (no graphics) for easy customization
  • video support
  • conditional images (different images for different screen sizes)
  • JavaScript breakpoints

Animated Layers

You can use any HTM content, both animated or static to provide a custom and unique layout for your sliders. Each layer can be automatically scaled or by using custom CSS.

animated layers
intuitive admin area

Intuitive Admin Area

The module has 50+ options to configure every aspect of TC Responsive Layer Slider, with 5 styles (themes).

HTML5 Image Uploader

Use the drag and drop HTML5 image uploader to instantly add more images to your existing folders for easy and fast management.

html5 image uploader
video support

Smart Video Support

TC Responsive Layer Slider supports Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5, and Video.js for turning your slides into great looking interactive video slideshow presentations.

Key Features


TC Responsive Layer Slider is responsive out of the box. Not only do the images scale down, but the animated layers will automatically be scaled down.

Dynamic Content

Dynamically load website content, images, videos, and custom text elements into your slideshows. Add both static and animated HTML content in your slides.

Touch Swipe

TC Responsive Layer Slider supports  touch navigation with swipe gestures provide a native navigation experience on touch enabled tablets and phones.


Similar to CSS media queries, breakpoints allow you to dynamically change the slider's settings when the screen is at a certain width.

Animated Layers

You can use any HTM content, both animated or static to provide a custom and unique layout for your sliders. Each layer can be automatically scaled or by using custom CSS.

CSS3 Transitions

TC Responsive Layer Slider supports CSS3 animations ensuring your slides look elegant and have smooth transitions from slide to slide.

Optimized Loading

Support for lazy loading images and conditional images you can speed up your slider loading time. TC Responsive Layer Slider is also retina ready for higher resolution images.

Navigation Options

Thumbnail navigation can contain images, text, or both. Keyboard navigation support makes TC Responsive Layer Slider more accessible. You can also add deep linking to your slides to other pages or even other slides.

Multiple Layout Themes

Theme 1


Theme 1 features include: responsive, touch-swipe, slides loop, text thumbnails, animated layers, JavaScript breakpoints.

Theme 2


Theme 2 features include: full width, carousel layout, captions, lightbox support, responsiveness, touch-swipe, slides loop.

Theme 3


Theme 3 features include: conditional images, image thumbnails, fade effect, auto-scale layers, responsiveness, touch-enabled.

Theme 4


Theme 4 features include: mixed content, auto height, deep linking, video handling, lightbox support, responsive, touch-swipe, auto-scale layers.

Theme 5


Theme 5 features include: breakpoints, mixed thumbnail content, vertical slides, slides loop disabled, responsiveness, touch-enabled, captions.

Multiple Content Options

Joomla Articles

You can load content from your Joomla articles such as the article’s image, title, text, etc.

K2 Items

Support for the K2 component allows you to display content from your K2 items such as image, title, and text.

Image Folder

Select an entire folder of images to be used as backgrounds of each slide and then you can add your layered content on each image.

Smart Video

Videos inside the slider will be controlled automatically. For example, when a video starts playing, the autoplay stops, or when another slide is selected the video stops playing.

Display Options

Carousel Layout

 The slider can show multiple slides in a carousel layout, by allowing you to set different sizes for the individual slide and for the whole slider.

Full Width / Full Window

 The slider's size can be forced to fill the width or the window even when it's inside a container that would normally restrict it to expand.

Auto Height

 The height of the slider can be set to adjust automatically to the full height of the currently selected slide.

Infinite Scrolling

 By default, the slides will be arranged in a loop, allowing infinite scrolling. However this can also be disabled.

Customizable Orientation

 Both the orientation of the slides and the orientation of the thumbnails can be set to horizontal or vertical.

CSS Controls

 All navigation controls such as the arrows and bullets are CSS-only (no graphics) which makes them very easy to customize.



Full Feature List

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