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TC Simple Event Calendar

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TC Simple Event Calendar is a simple Joomla component for listing your events in a calendar and list view.

Quick Info:

  • Product Type: Commercial
  • Price:$ 15
  • Version #: 1.0.2
  • Compatibility:
  • Type:

TC Simple Event Calendar is designed to offer you only what you need for displaying your events. If you need a simple event calendar solution for Joomla without all the overhead of other solutions then this is the solution for you.

Show you events in a simple calendar with monthly, weekly, and daily views. You can also present your events in a list view where you can select to display up to 4 events per row in a grid listing format.

Some additional features of TC Simple Event Calendar are that you can set up your events to recurr and display custom venue information. If you are using a third party event registration solution you can even enter a URL to your registration page and a registration button will appear on the event details page.

This drop dead simple calendar gives you just enough features to be functional without all the overhead that you don't need from other Joomla calendar solutions.

  • Calendar with monly, weekly, and daily views
  • Event list with 1, 2, 3, or 4 column grid view
  • Recurring events support
  • Alternate calendar theme
  • Registration URL button
  • Event Contact info
  • Event venue details

Extension Highlights

Recurring Events

Robust recurring events feature allows you to set your event to recur Daily, Monthly, Weekly, and specific weekdays.

You can set the recurring settings to end the recurrance on a specific date and have your events repeat on the last day of the month.

recurring settings

event details

Event Details

Your event details are clearly displayed with dates and times

Display contact information for your events if needed with a contact name, email and phone number.

Event images add a visual touch telling more about your event.

Event Descriptions

Add detailed event descriptions with your favorite WYSIWYG editor.

If your event requires event registration and you are using a third party form or website for collecting attendee information you can add a URL when setting up your event and a registration button will appear linking to your registration URL.

event description


Full Feature List

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