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Caliber Joomla Template

  • Caliber is clean, lightweight, and mobile friendly responsive event template for Joomla. Caliberis perfectly suited for any type of event such as a festival, conference, or convention. Summit is loaded with features for your next event or conference. This Joomla template has been optimized for Event Regiatration Pro so you can manage your event registrations with ease.

    Promote your event with clear and confident calls to actions and showcse your speakers in an exeptional way on your homepage.

    All these great features come together to complete the package and help you create an amazing event or conference website that’s sure to bring in attendees!

    Following documentation contains the basic configuration settings for the Caliber Joomla 3 template. Using these information you will be able to configure your template when you cannot use the Quickstart package. This template has been based on Elegance Framework of ThemeChoice.

  • Demo appearance

    For showing exactly the template demo design, you will have to install the Quickstart. For installing quickstart package, download quickstart from our site that includes: Joomla 3+, template, modules, components, plugins and sample data. By using this package, you will have a complete site look like on demo site.

    If you want to use only template package, you can do it but you will not get same layout like the demo site. Because in template package you will just get the template installation package not any module, components, plugin. You have to install components, modules and plugins manually and need to create manually each article and set all modules to suit your needs using our example settings. So for getting same layout like the demo package you have to setup manually. So if you are not advanced user please install the template Quickstart on your testing ground, just to get more insights on sample content and advanced usage. You don't have to use demo content to build your own website, demo-dummy content is only for showing a features of current template and included components.

  • How to Install Quickstart Package

    1. After downloading template quickstart package upload into server via FTP, then extract it and then create a new database.
    2. After uploading and creating database, You can install Quickstart just like a typical Joomla 3.x installation process (step by step).
  • Typography

    In template demo we used Google Fonts named: "Roboto Condensed" for body typography and for heading we used "Open Sans". You can check template Typography tab inside Caliber template settings and also you can set your own font-family. Try to check the following screenshot.

    Caliber Typography

  • Template Module Positions

    The following screenshot is showing the default layout positions into Caliber template. By using Layout builder in Elegance users will be able to move positions or change its size. Our in-build layout builder from template settings provide the opportunity to add new positions, columns, rows wherever you need as much as moving elements.

    Caliber default Layout

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