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Sports Reporter Joomla Template

  • The Sports Reporter Joomla Template is a news and magazine themed premium Joomla template loaded with custom features. This is ideal template for any content rich website.

    Following documentation contains the basic configuration settings for the Sports Reporter Joomla 3 template. Using this information you will be able to configure your template when you cannot use the Quickstart package. This template has been based on Elegance Framework by ThemeChoice.

  • Demo appearance

    For showing exactly the template demo design, you will have to install the Quickstart. For installing quickstart package, download the quickstart package from our site that includes: Joomla 3+, template, modules, components, plugins and sample data. By using this package, you will have a complete duplicate of our demo site.

    If you want to use only the template package, you can do it but you will not get sample content and pre-installed extensions like the demo site. Because in template package you will just get the template installation package not any module, components, plugin. You have to install components, modules and plugins manually and need to create manually each article and set all modules to suit your needs using our example settings. 

  • How to Install Quickstart Package

    1. After downloading template quickstart package, unzip the files and upload all the unzipped files to your server via FTP.
    2. Then create a new database.
    3. After uploading the files and creating database, You can browse to your URL where the files are located where you will see the installation screens.
    4. Just follow the installation screens and enter your database details and a new login password when prompted.
    5. The default username is "admin" and you will be shown and option during installation to enter your own password. Once the installation is completed you can login and change the username to your own from the user manager.


  • How to Install The Template

    To install Joomla template follow these steps:

    1. Login to your Joomla admin area as normal
    2. click on Install Extensions in the left menu, or Extensions → Extension Manager in the top menu.
    3. Once in the Extension Manager click on the Upload Package File tab:

      upload joomla package

    4. Click on the Choose file button and select your newly-downloaded template package for upload; that’s the file that you downloaded (not the quickstart package.
    5. Once selected, hit the Upload & Install button to get started.
    6. Wait a few seconds and the template should be uploaded and installed, ready for you to use.
    7. Then go to the template manager and set this new twmplate as the default template.


  • Typography

    In template demo we used Google Fonts named: "Roboto" for whole main typography. You can check template Typography tab inside the template settings and also you can set your own font-family. The following screenshot is showing the typography setting in template admin.

  • Typography
  • Homepage Layout

    In Sports Reporter template demo homepage, the layout is coming from modules.
    No content articles were used on the homepage, only modules.

  • Template Module Positions

    The following screenshot is showing the default layout positions for the Sports Reporter template. By using the Layout builder in Elegance users will be able to move positions or change its size. Our built in layout builder provides the opportunity to add new positions, columns, rows wherever you need and also to move elements.

    Template Module Positions

  • Module Styles

    Sports Reporter comes with alternative module styles and classes. Simply add the module class suffix as in the below example to change the style of your module.

  • moduleclasssuffixmodule classes

 In Sports Reporter template more than 26 predefined module class suffix. You can use those as you wish according to your site color combination. Try to see the following screenshot of module styles.

Module Styles

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